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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Potato Print Valentines

Did you know you can make a stamp out of a potato?  Well, you can!  This craft is a wonderful family or group activity.  I made mine with my kids, and we had a lovely time cutting and stamping Valentines for one another.  

You need:
Large russet potatoes
Knife and cutting board
Cookie cutters
Tempra paint- Washable if you are making them with your little ones
Paper towels
bamboo skewers
lots and lots of wipes ;)
Card stock

You want to start by cutting a potato into 1/2" or so strips the long way.  Then, use your cookie cutters to cut the strips into shapes.  I used a few different heart cutters and I got these adorable alphabet cutters at the craft store.  You can use them to spell out cute sayings.  Just use a bamboo skewer to hold the letters together into word stamps.  
My kindergartner spelled out her name and stamped it on all her cards, so she wouldn't have to write it 25 times.  Smarty pants.  

Once you get your stamps made, blot off the excess potato water with a paper towel and paint it with any color you fancy.  Then, just stamp them onto a card!  Easy breezy!  

A few hints.  Brush on thin layers of paint rather than thick.  Press firmly and evenly.  make sure every part of the potato is making contact with the paper. You can reuse your potato stamp over and over.  Just wipe off the excess paint between colors.  You can even store them wrapped up in the fridge for a few days.  
Happy Valentine's day!!  

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