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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Upcycled Fringe Skirt

I'm a bit obsessed with fringe lately, and I'm putting it on everything!  (See my last post ;))  My daughter and I were cleaning out her closet and I found a drab, plain gray skirt she doesn't wear very often.  We decided to upscale it into something fab and fun!  Gives her a little spunk, don't 'cha think? 

You need:

An old, plain skirt.  A denim skirt wold work great.  I removed one outer pocket with a seam ripper. 
Fringe!  We used 4" Chainette Rayon Fringe in White, Sky blue and Gray from Dove Original Trim.  http://www.doveoriginalstrims.com/  I'm linking you because the gray was a bit hard to find.  You're welcome. 
Sewing machine, thread and pins.

Sort of self explanatory if you are already a sewer.  If not, it's super easy.  Here are a few helpful tips I learned along the way.  

Start with the bottom fringe 1st.  I let 2"s fall below the hem line and pinned all the way around. 
Don't pull off the bottom string off the fringe (you know, the one that holds it all together) until you are done!  Seems obvious, but was a big, big mistake with me.  I just couldn't help myself, and then all the fringe kept getting stuck in the machine.  Duh. 
Use a straight stitch.  Double it up if you want.  I did one pass, and it seems fine.
Place and pin your next layer 2" above the last hem. 
That's it! 
Go let your little one shake it! 

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  1. Congratulations!! I love you blog, and your posts, above all the snow blobes.

    Natalia Silvente