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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tie-Dye Fringe Necklace

So what's in right now?  Tie-dye and Fringe.  Combine the two and your gonna be one stellar momma!  This necklace is super easy to make and a wonderful way to hip-out a plain outfit.  Here is what you need:

6" White fringe- About 15"
Tie Dye kit
Recycled necklace or chain and clasp
Needle and thread
Wax paper
Paper towels
Paint brush
Small disposable containers

To make-

Open your tie-dye kit and place about 1/2 teaspoon (total) desired dye color in a small container.  Add 3 TBSP water.  To make a gray (pictured) add equal parts blue and red, then add yellow.  If your gray is too brown, add more blue.  You can test your colors on a paper towel. 
Completely wet the fringe, and ring out excess water with hands.
Lay the fringe flat on a piece of wax paper.  With a paint brush, begin painting the very bottom of the fringe.  The color will bleed up, giving you several variances of the same color.  Have some fun with the colors!  Add a stripe of pink near the top, or red near the bottom.  It's your creation. 
Let dry.  Colors will significantly lighten once dry.  You can add more dye to the dry fringe if the color is too light for you.  Just place over a paper towel so the extra paint has somewhere to go. 
Once dry, sew onto a necklace you already own, or you can make one with jewelry supplies from the craft store. 
Now go rock your new look!  Joplin style!

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