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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Succulent Terrariums

Succulent terrariums seem to be all of the rage right now.  I am seeing them in catalogs from West Elm to Martha Stewart.  I saw a couple of easy succulent terrariums a week ago at a fancy store in Los Angeles.  They were selling them for about $75 each!  People, don't you know they are so incredibly easy to make?  Well, if you don't I am telling you now, REALLY easy to make for under $10 bucks!   Are you kidding me?!   No brainer.

You need:
A couple of wide mouthed glass vases.  Bubble vases (fish bowls) work well, large cylinders work well, just make sure they are wide mouthed.  Succulents don't wanna be trapped in humid air.  
A few succulents.  Easy to get at any garden store.  Small ones in 4" pots.
Cactus and tropical mixed potting soil.
A bag of small pebbles.
A bag of decorative white rocks, or white sand looks nice too.

Fill the bottom of the vases with the small pebbles, about 1 1/2'' - 2" deep.  This is to create drainage in your vase, since there isn't a hole in the bottom.
Fill 3"-4" with potting soil.  Loosen the root ball on your succulents and plant.

Cover the top layer with decorative rocks.  I chose white because I like the modern look of the finished pieces.  Red rocks or black river pebbles would look great too! Enjoy your $10, I mean your $75 dollar terrarium!  Happy planting!


  1. Very, very cool! I've been wanting a terrarium but I hadn't found easy instructions (it looks hard to a non-gardener!), and I certainly wasn't laying down 75 bucks for one!

  2. you don't need soil for succulents like cacti. Use sand instead. They like soil that's on the dry side.

  3. Succulent terrariums are so simple and easy to take care of!