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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hand Dyed Corn Husk Wreath

An easy way to decorate for Autumn that transfers right into winter.  This wreath is so sophisticated looking yet costs about $8 to make, give or take.  I think I saw this project in Martha's magazine (we are on a first name basis as far as I'm concerned) but I honestly can't remember exactly.  I tried to find it on her sight and nada.  So, this is completely my own version of this wreath.

You need:
6-8 doz. corn husks.  I got mine at the dollar store.  You can get them at most grocery stores.  
Fabric dye, any color you like.  I used purple iDye by Jacuard.  Rit is fine too.
1 cup white vinegar.
16" wire wreath form.
26 G floral wire.  The kind that comes on a spool.
Wide ribbon or wreath hanger.

To make:
 In a 2 gal bucket add dye pack, hot tap water 3/4 full, and vinegar.  Separate corn husks and layer into dye.  Who am I kidding, I didn't layer, I just shoved them all in there and stirred with tongs.

Leave in dye 20-40 minutes. 

Rinse with hot water and then set out to dry.  Luckily, it's 80 degrees in LA today, but if you don't got the sun, you can lay flat for a couple of hours on an old towel or something.  They don't need to be crispy, just not dripping.

Fold husks in half and staple ends together.  I actually did this when they were crispy.  It worked, but would have been easier to staple them a bit damp.  Although, not too damp or your loops wont be as loopy :)

Then, secure the end of your wire on the form.  Add your first two husk loops and wrap tightly around the entire edge of the wreath form.  Keep adding husks and wrapping with wire until you make your way around the form, using one looooooong piece of wire wrapped snugly around each husk loop.
When done, clip and secure wire around one of the form poles.  You can make a wire hanger in the back by securing the wire and then adding a loop and securing the end.

Now I added a bunch of glittery purple sticks and feathers only to remove them.  I like it just as is.  If you want to frill it up, go for it!  I probably will for the Christmas season, so stayed tuned :)  Enjoy your wreath! ...Oh yeah, tie off with a ribbon! Okay, now enjoy!


  1. This is beautiful Jess! I think I'm going to attempt one in red. You're like MacGuyver only crafty :)

  2. Great! Email me pics and I'll post here! Tip- Soak for longer, like and hour + or you'll get pink.