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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leaf Prints

I recently did this craft at my friend Mia's baby shower and it was such a hit!  It is a perfect group craft, because it is very simple and easy for everyone to do. Even kids!  At this shower, we made onesies, T shirts and burp cloths for baby, but you could easily turn this into a kids craft to do at a birthday party.  They turn out really great!  I'm going to do this craft with my daughter's Preschool next year for Mother's day using giant leaves and tote bags.  Great Mother's day gift!  Here's what to do...

1.Choose a onesie, burp cloth or T-shirt.  Place a piece of cardboard inside shirt or onesie so paint will not transfer through to back.
2. Lightly brush the underside of the leaf with the fabric paint. The underside shows the veins more clearly; you can use both sides for variety. The thinner the layer of paint, the more detailed the print will be.
3. Place the leaf paint side down on fabric where you want the design to appear. Cover with a piece of paper towel, then a piece of waxed paper. Roll the brayer over the waxed paper a few times, firmly pressing the leaf onto the fabric.
4. Lift the waxed paper, paper towel, and leaf. Continue this process, using a new piece of paper towel for each print, until you've finished the desired pattern. You can change paint colors by simply rinsing the leaf with water and drying it.
5.  Have fun!  There is no messing up this craft!

You need:
*Fabric paint
*Sponge brushes
*Onesies, burp cloths, T-shirts, aprons, tote bags, Pillow covers, whatever it is you want 
to print on
*Cardboard to fit inside shirt
*Waxed paper
*Paper towels
*Assortment of leaves- Look for ones with strong veins.  Sage works great!  Feathers work great too.


  1. Are these washable shirts? Would the print come off?

  2. Use fabric paint and follow the bottles setting directions for a permanent print.