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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Baby Shower for Mia

My friend Mia is a modern girl with a homemade heart.  She's a natural beauty with earthy tones, casual yet chic.   So it was only appropriate to throw her a shower with style and class, but with a centered, crafty, homemade heart.  Just like her.  I, of course, was the drive behind the craft vision, and luckily had a few great helpers.  Thank you Meme, Karen and Meghan!  And, of course, the lovely Sharla who offered " the venue and the menu!"  Talk about style!  Let's just say this would NOT have been the same shower in my backyard.  I'm sure you get it from the pictures.  Enough said.

We chose a Nursery Rhyme theme and asked all guests to bring a favorite book for baby.  I really think books get overlooked these days (actually I ripped the whole idea off from Martha Stewart's June 2011 edition, cough, cough.)  Like I was saying.  A library shower is a wonderful way to help get a new family's library going.  And, it's so much fun to look back on books and see who inspired them.  I just love the idea of a library shower.

OK, so let's start with palette.  Baby is sexless so far (and hopefully until it's at least 18.)  Oh, I'm so sorry I just went there.  Really not funny. We don't know baby's sex yet.
Mia loves sage green, so I paired it with a pool blue and persimmon orange, not too bright.  And I threw in gold ole' fashion brown paper bag craft paper just to give it a really homemade look.  The whole palette  worked so well thanks to Sharla's amazing house!  Once again, this look would have gone into a google science fair search if it didn't have a modern show case.  So careful out there.  I'm not saying you need a modern house to throw a shower, of course not!  I'm just saying it doesn't hurt ;)

So the invites I found from a company called Rifle Paper Co. I actually downloaded a template at Marthastewart.com and jazzed them up a bit.  I used my color palette and made a little book enclosure invite with sage green paper that opened to the invite and an enclosure holding a book plate and directions to the the shower.  Then, I wrapped the invite with a piece if decorative string and attached a  cut out star and moon charm to the front, and placed the whole thing in a paper bag colored envelope.  All paper came from Paper Source. The decorative string I got in the yarn section of Michaels.

For favors, Mia loves succulents, so we decided to wrap them in a Nursery rhyme.  We scanned an image out of a vintage Nursery Rhyme book, and placed the image into a 4" pot template, (you can google this, I think we paid $3 for it) and then printed and cut out.  Then, we put a layer of Mod Podge on a 4" terracotta pot, placed our cut out on, and then mod podged the whole thing.  The mod podge is a fabulous sealer/glue that gave the pot a glazed look, and made our image waterproof.  Make sure to use a generous coat under and over your image.  And work quickly because the stuff dries lightning fast. We finished the pot with a colored ribbon.
 We also made bookmarks!  Again, from a template I got from Rifle Paper Co. via Martha Stewart, and then layer framed it onto colored cardstock, and a coordinating ribbon!  So cute!  I'm already using mine.    

For decorations, I made a banner using my favorite tool, my Cricut by Provocraft.  I always go an and on about this machine!  I just love it and use it all of the time!  If you are a paper crafter and don't have this, you NEED one, now!  It cut out all of the intricate paper I used for this shower, including the star and moon on the invites.   Just love it!
I also cut out extra stars and moons from the invites, and made little nursery rhyme emblems (all cut with the cricut) and placed them on a string over the patio, kind of like a little decorative garland.  It was subtle, but really sweet.  The picture didn't turn out that well, but you get the idea.

Flowers I wanted modern and clean, so I kept it simple by placing an abundance of the same flower in a vase or box.  I used pots and boxes I already had and lined them with cellophane (see photo) and added oasis floral foam.  Such a great thing when you have to transport your arrangements.  The flowers stay put and don't spill all over your car.  I am doing this from now on when I have to travel with flowers!  It's really easy to do, and you don't have to buy long stemmed flowers.  And, it works great with top heavy flowers like hydrangeas.  Such a great invention!

So best for last.  I think all baby showers should come with a good craft for the guests. Something that wont intimidate people.  Mia is a nature lover, so I thought we could make leaf print onesies and burp cloths.  It was such a hit!  Really a fun craft everybody participated in.  Really easy to do.  See my post on Leaf prints to see how to make.  Here is a few pictures! 

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