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Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY Bridal Bouquet

I recently got the absolute privilege to attend my dear friend Greg and his lovely bride Meghan's wedding in Figi.  (Yay!  I went to Figi!  Without kids... Yay!  No kids!)  Meghan asked me to help with the flowers because apparently, the only florist on the island was really into creating spray bridal bouquets.  You know, the ones that spill from the top down to the ground, backed by fern and babies breath.  Lovely for some, but not for Meghan. She is not a spiller.  So, she asked me, because I have such amazing taste! ;)  Half kidding. Only one little problem.  The only flowers available in Figi are ginger, andtherium, bird of paradise, and dendrobium orchids.  That's it.  No kidding!
Since our lovely Meghan didn't want her bridal bouquet to look like centerpiece from a 1980's Waikiki salad bar diner, we took matters into our own hands.
1st we ordered about 30 stems of white dendrobium orchids.  That's it for our "fresh" flower order.
2nd we marched ourselves right down to the flower district downtown LA.  An AMAZING place.  I'll blog about that some other time.  We found some very real looking "faux" flowers, Calla lilies and Phalenopsis orchids.  I am not one for "faux" anything, but sometimes, I am now finding, it's ok.   Especially if you mix them in with fresh flowers.  Really, nobody would've guessed!
3rd I got a few oasis floral "forms" for the centers of the flowers.  Like what's pictured here.
4th We hauled it all to Figi, along with floral tape, ribbon, floral wire, and a glue gun.

So here is how to assemble it.

*Soak your oasis form for at least a 1/2 hour in ice cold water.
*Cut your fresh long dendrobium stems into 3.  You should get 3 stems with about 2-3 flowers on each.  All the stems should be about the same length.
*Start with the dendrobium orchids, and place about 1" apart evenly all over the oasis form.  Stick the stems in as far as they will go, about 1". 
*I put calla lilies in next. Because they have long sleek stems, I placed them towards the base of the round head so the stems covered the plastic handle of the form.  Then,  I cut the remaining calla lilies, placed a few in the bouquet and used their stems to finish covering the plastic handle.
*I floral taped the handle super tightly so it was extra secure. 
*Then I added the Phalaeonopsis orchids.  They had just the slightest hint of pink.  So pretty!
*Luckily Figi is rich in greenery!  I found the sweetest little succulent fern in a lime green color growing wild.  I had never seen it before.   I placed it in clumps draping a bit (not spilling) from a  few spots. 
*At the very last minute, I picked about a dozen or so fresh plumeria flowers and put large crystal diamonds down the center, and scattered them throughout the bouquet, just for a little extra bling.  Unless your wedding is somewhere tropical, you wont have access to plumeria.  You could easily use gardenia or something similar for this.  The diamonds I got at the flower mart.  They had a lovely long 3" stem on them, perfect for this purpose.
 * Finally, I wrapped the stem in satin ribbon and glue-guned a ornate diamond applique just to fancy the whole thing up.

All of these materials are available on line, or can be ordered through your local florist, if you don't have access to the downtown LA flower mart.  If you do, let me know!  I'll tell you my favorite spots.

Here are some photo's of the lovely bride with her gorgeous bouquet!   I also made the little girls round hanging flower balls the same way, with the oasis in the middle. 


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