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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spray Paint T Shirts!

Love this one.  Especially because it is totally different than the original idea.  So my girlfriend Meghan is getting married.  She's the cute one in the middle of the picture, of course ;)  I wanted to design and make some shirts for her bachelorette party in Palm Springs, and I wanted to get back into silk screening too.  I designed the shirt in photoshop and printed my design out on transparency film to burn onto a silk screen.  I spent hours and hours designing the darn thing.  I just couldn't get it right!  In fact, I never got it right!  I tried, but was disappointed with my design.  Oh well. I would still do the shirts and give out totally lame prints that all the girls would never wear again.  So what.  They would have been better than those crappy shirts you can buy on line that basically say "I'm a big Drunk!"  So, so not my or Meghan's style.
Anyways.  I went to print the darn things, and my borrowed silkscreen machine was broken!!!  So annoying!  And, I of course left it to the last minute.  Well crap.  No shirts.  And now  I was the proud new owner of 10 pink tank tops from Forever 21.  Lucky me.
So, in the 11th hour, I had an idea!  I'd make a stencil and spray them!  I really had nothing to loose.  I used card stock and my handy Cricut (provocraft) machine and made a stencil.  Then I got some fabric spray paint from the craft store which was luckily open til 9:00 pm, because it was 8:15.  I got a long piece of lace from my friend, who gave it willingly because she felt bad about loaning me a broken silk screening machine, and I set the stencil down, the lace down, and sprayed the heck out of the first one.  Looked great!  I LOVED it! So much better than my first design. So, so much better.  

Lesson learned: Think outside the box.  I was so caught up in using the silkscreen machine, I almost missed this fabulous technique!  And, go right ahead and leave things til the last minute.  Just make sure they get done ;) 


  1. I love these! What font did you use?

  2. @ Robin- Don Juan with the Cricut. Good luck!

  3. I bought fabric stencil spray amd tried something similar and it was a faaaail.it came out so fast and thick that it just ran under the stencil.what kimd of paint did you use

  4. Where did you get the image for the ring?

    1. I used a Cricut machine to make the stencil. I think the ring came from the "Tie the Knot" cartridge. Good luck!

  5. What kind of paint did you use? I thought it would come out like a mist but it was more like a stream. It was also really really black, instead of the more faded look of yours.