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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Heritage Bracelet

I've been going through old pictures and came across a beautiful one of my grandmother Gladys when she was a total bombshell.  I wanted to put it up, but quite honestly, I didn't know where to put it.  Next to the bed?  Weird.  Above the toilet?  Rude.  In our living room?  Ummm...  
I also had a collection of old, broken costume jewelry that belonged to my father's mother, Eva.  I've been wanting to re-do it for some time now, but never really got around to it.  You know how that goes.
So I decided to make a bracelet with the pictures of my grandparents in it, and bits and pieces of my grandmothers old jewelry.   
I have to be honest.  I didn't know my father's parents very well.  His father died when my dad was 14, and what I do remember of my grandmother Eva is filtered through the strangeness of Alzhimers.  It's too bad I only remember her sick.  My father tells me she was a rockin' flapper in the 20's.  So, so my kind of gal.
On the other hand, I was very close to my mother's parents.  They lived down the street from me, and I grew up at their house nearly as much as my own.  I hold their role in my childhood like the smell of my first boyfriend.  Impossible to forget.  
So my bracelet.  I love it! It's so vintage but modern and hip at the same time. I wear it layered with all kinds of bangles, or just on it's own.  My new favorite accessory!  I made one for my sister's birthday too.  Shushhhh!  Don't tell ;) 
If you want to make your own, check my previous posting "Namesake necklace"  to make the picture charms.  I'm going to assume you know how to scan your photos and print them really small ;)  The rest is just piecing together your vintage beads or what ever beads you like.  I'm not so good about advice on this.  If you need some, I suggest a local jewelry making store. 

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