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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Birthday Party for Cassidy

My baby girl just turned 4!  And what better way to celebrate a spring chick than with a bunny party birthday! 
Bunny Themed Invitations
Simple to make!  I just used my cricut (provo craft) to cut out the bunnies and the #4.  You could easily use a hole punch for this if you don't have a cricut.  I bought some of Martha Stewart's crepe paper flowers available at Michaels and Paper-Source.  I designed the rest in Word, and then printed them onto cream paper and framed them with an irridecent blue.  We were actually inviting quite a few boys, so the blue was the only "un-girly" accent of the whole party.  Sorry boys!  I can't help but being girly with my girls! 
Cupcake Toppers
 Use a 2' flower hole punch or your cricut machine to make the flowers.  I sandwiched a toothpick between two flowers.  One side green, and the other side a cute patterend paper.  The same papers I used in the invites.  Then I printed "Happy Birthday Cassidy" onto 1 1/4" circle labels I got at Paper-Source.  They have online templates, so it was super easy.  Then I just stuck them on the flowers!  I purchaced bite sized mini cupcakes from the grocery store ;)  You can't do it all.  Well, at least I can't.  They were a huge hit!
BTW, I wish I could take credit for the bunny toppers.   I got them at Sur La Table.  Like I said, you can't do it all...

Crêpe Paper Carrot Party Favors!

Oh Martha, Martha, Martha!  Why are you so good!?  I got this party favor idea from this springs issue of Martha Stewart Magazine.   The carrots have little presents inside.  I used a pencil in the center and a bouncy ball at the top.  I just started wrapping crepe paper around the pencil and ball, and then added things as I went.  There were a few chocolate eggs in there, a few silly bands, an eraser, and stickers, just wrap a little and add a gift.  Keep the bulky items towards the top of the carrot and the smaller stuff at the point.  Keep wrapping it into a carrot shape.  Then, I just hot glued the end down, and green toppers on the tip.  These adorable hand-made spring party favors were such a hit!  The kids were ripping them open before the party was even over! 
The best part about Cassidy's party was she had a few special guests.  Real bunnies!  So, so much fun.  Happy 4th Birthday Cassidy! 

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