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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nature Baby! Decorative Wall Words

If you are looking for a hip, trendy but inexpensive way to bring a little funk to your baby's nursery or child's room, make some words out of wheat, twigs, dried flowers and leaves.  I love, love, love how easy this project is!  This would be a perfect baby shower craft!  (See below.)  Each letter measures about 12" tall.  Here is how to make your own. 

16 gauge Wrapped brown floral wire 
26 gauge floral wire
Treated dried flowers, wheat, twigs, grass, eucalyptus, what ever you like...
Wire clippers
Floral clippers

Bend your 16 gauge wire into the letter shape.   Then, start adding your dried flowers sticks and wheat.  The best way is to take a small bunch of dried stuff, and wrap with your 26 gauge wire, and then add more so the top of the next bunch covers the wire you just set.  Get creative!  I like to stay inconsistent, so all of the letters have their own thing goin' on.
Tip- Make sure to buy treated dried flowers and stuff.  If you pick from your own backyard, the words will dry out and crumble sooner than your baby's 1st birthday.  If you buy the treated stuff, hell, you can just go ahead and have another kid, because that's how long it's going to look good on your wall! 

Baby Shower Craft!  I labeled this a baby shower craft, because this project would be perfect for a group!  Let your Mommy-to-be pick what word or name she would like on her baby's nursery wall, and form the wire letters in advance.  Get your supplies and set the dried flowers, twigs, grass and leaves out in cute baskets or vases on a big table.  Your guests can all help work on a letter or part of a letter.   A combined gift like this is extra special because it will be handmade by the ones you love.  And, let's face it, it's hard to mess up ;)  Don't get me started on the "combined" painting I received at my shower.  NOT on my wall, that's for sure.

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