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Monday, January 10, 2011

Just Married! Oil on Canvas

I painted this as a wedding gift for my good friends Damon and Mia.  It's too bad I'm not such a good photographer, because the actual painting is much nicer.  Not quite as harsh in contrast.  But, you get the idea.

Every once in a while I get the comment "How do you do that?!"  Well, I'm not a magician. It's not like I grab a paintbrush and whip paintings out.  I go through a whole process.  And, almost every painting, almost every time, I find myself way in over my head, and completely lost, overwhelmed and frustrated.   It used to be to much.  I'd reach a point and give up, or just make myself satisfied with my best attempt.  But now, I've painted enough to reach the edge, and know that if I just keep at it, I will eventually find my way out of the dark.  And that, right there, makes painting so satisfying.

So here is a few shots I took of my painting along the way.  It's a very classical approach.  I start with a charcoal drawing on canvas, then on goes a neutral wash of mostly thinner , and then I build the paint from there, layer by layer.

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