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Monday, December 6, 2010

No Sew Tutu

I offered to make these adorable tutu's for my 3 year old daughter's ballet class.  They will all be candy canes in an upcoming Nutcracker  performance.  3 year old's have a tough time following directions, let alone learn a ballet routine, so I don't know how the performance will go.  I commend their teacher for attempting it.  I do know however, they will be adorable running around bumping into one another in their matching candy cane tutus!  Can't wait to see them!
Here's how to make your own:

You need:
An elastic waist band (3/4") measured 20" or the width of your little ones  waist.
Fabric glue
A stapler, or a needle and thread
4 yards of tulle.  I used 2 yards of red, 1 1/2 yards of white, and 1/2 yard of sparkelly white.
Measuring tape or ruler
Ribbon.  I used 1 yard of 2 1/4" red satin, and about 2 yards each 1/8" red and 1/8" white narrow satin. 

Here's what you do:
Overlap the ends of the waistband so it measures 19".  Fabric glue and staple the ends secure.  Make sure to staple vertically.  Or, sew it secure with a needle and thread.

Then, measure out your tulle.  Start with the red, and fold the 2 yards in half, so you have 1 pile of fabric 1 yard wide and 30" tall (the tulle comes 60" folded in half to 30.")  Trim the folded seams so there are 4 separate pieces of tulle 30" x 36".  Place them as evenly as you can on top of one another and fold them up together so you have one long 36" piece by about 3 or 4".  Doesn't have to be exact.

Now trim one end neatly and cut the yard into 4" sections.  Don't worry about being exact.  I measure the first cut and eyeball the rest.  You need 8 cuts.  You will have a few inches left over.  
Do the same cut with the white and sparkely white.

Your little red tulle bundles have 4 pieces in them.  Take three of them together and tie a slip knot (make a loop in the middle and pull through) around the elastic waist band.  Alternate red and white.  I used 2 regular white pieces and 1 sparkelly one on top.  Keep going around the waist band until you use up all the tulle.  You don't have to pull the slip knots overly tight.  I actually recommend tieing them a little loose.  That way you get a nice thick stripe on the waist. 

I tied a great big red bow on the back  and about 4 red 4 white ribbon streamers (no bow) through out the tutu.

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