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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Witch and Black Cat Costume

Once again, homemade costumes are the best!  I my daughters costumes so easily.  The more and more I craft, the more I realize that the key is to leave plenty of time to get things done right.  I guess that's a good rule of thumb for anything, right?  Too bad I'm such a procrastinator on everything else like the laundry.  I've got to run out of clean underwear before I do it.  But crafting, I start way in advance.  Do you ever start a project, and realize you bite off more than you can chew half way through?  Or, in your head, everything seems so simple, but when you go to do it, you hit major snags?  Well, that's every craft I do.  I have fabulous ideas, but the execution I always find myself stressed out.  But, if I leave the project overnight, or even a couple of days, I come back to it with a new attitude and get it done.  Here is how my Witch costume made.

Witch Hat:  You need
 3 paper  grocery bags
Lots of white glue
19 Gauge wire
Black spray paint
Glitter/ sequins, shiny stuff, rhinestones, whatever....

Open two bags and tape them together flat and cut out a giant circle about 1" bigger than you want the rim of the hat.  My daughters was 20" across total.

tape the wire on to the circle about 1" in, and then cut the edge into
flaps and fold over and glue.   Then, measure you little ones head just above their hairline and draw a circle in the center of the rim part of the hat you just made.  Cut the center circle across 3 times like a pizza.  Leave the flaps in place.

Open another paper bag and measure our the length of your little ones head + about 1/2 an inch at one end of the bag.  I used the length of one side of the bag, not including the bottom of the bag.  Cut out a triangle.  Sorry I don't have a picture for this.  It's basically a long triangle with the head measurement at the bottom.   Then, take lots of glue and form a cone.  Bend and wrinkle the cone as you glue the edges together.  Don't be perfect!  Give it some personality!  curl the top of the cone so it's funky!  Think Tim Burton. 

Then, pull the "pointy" side of your cone through the inside of your rim, so all of the "pizza flaps are on the outside of the cone.  Glue them down. Wrinkle and fold your hat, and bend the wire in the rim so it looks old and weathered.  Let the glue dry for a couple of hours. 
Now, go outside and spray the thing black!  3-4 coats of paint, letting it dry 15 min. in between layers.

I cut out a cardboard  belt buckle, sprayed it black and glittered it.  Then wrapped a big piece of ribbon around the hat.  And, I glued black feathers along the rim.  Then it was done!... So I thought.   Next thing I knew,  My 3 year old had bedazzled the whole thing in rhinestones!  Haha!  Could have done without them if it was MY hat.  But, alas, it was not.  The rhinestones stayed. 

I just took a pair of black mary janes, and cut another triangle of the paper bag to match the top of the shoe, from one side to the other.  (From the sole up and over the top of the shoe to the other side of the sole. ) Then I taped another wire on the inside of the triangle.  Then, put the triangle bag over the shoe and glue (I used hot glue gun for this) where it meets the toe.  Then, wrap and glue the triangle back towards the shoe so you yet a pointy spiral.  Make sure it goes up rather than out so your little one doesn't trip.  Now, take it out back and spray it black!
I attached a piece of stretchy cord in the back of the shoe cover, and one underneath so they stayed put.  Then, I cut out another buckle and more ribbon, and they were fabulous!!! 

I'm so sick of typing.  Google "how to make a no sew tutu."  So easy!

I accessorized with a black leotard, striped tights, and little green makeup and the dollar store, where I found the cauldron and broom.  Well, we added a little to those things too.
 Happy Halloween!

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