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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Namesake Neckace

I made these necklaces with my daughter's names on them, and it's my new favorite necklace to wear.  My friends keep complimenting me on it!  Little do they know that's what they are getting for Christmas, unless they keep up on my blog.  They are surprisingly easy to make, and so sweet.  I also made one for each of my daughters with a picture of the two of them together on it. 

Here's how:
I ordered the jewelry blanks, or "bezels" as now I know they are called, online from... I can't remember.  You can get them from www.alphastamps.com, or google search "jewelry blanks."  Mine are 5/8" wide rounds on gold and silver.  I also ordered a 5/8" hole punch from the same site.   Then I just printed names out on colored paper.  I love to mix and match fonts, so I just chose a simple typewriter font and paired it with something more ornate.  Then I resin set the paper in the bezels.  really simple!  I could go on and on about how to do that, or, you can just watch this guy do it.  He's is much more thorough then I could ever be anyways.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAEKnv0OU08  I actually followed all his directions (amazing since I never read or follow directions) and they turned our great. 
I found the chain and heart charm at my favorite guilty pleasure store Forever 21.  $3.80 baby!  Make sure to fasten a jump ring to your namesake charms and attach it to a necklace like mine, or whatever one you like.  I love how all of the charms stack up on the necklace.  Love it! 

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