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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Baby Shower for Mary

I just helped throw a baby shower for my dear friend Mary.  I must say, I've had my hand in showers before, but this one was extra sweet.  My friend has been through a lot, including open heart surgery, to get this kid.  She and her husband Jeremy are expecting a baby girl in, well, soon!!!  I was in charge, of course, of the decorations and the invitations!  Yay!
The invites were made from all paper-source materials except for the paper flower on the ribbon, which I got at the craft store.  Aren't they cute?

This "welcome baby" sign I made by printing out letters on my computer and then hanging them on a ribbon with clothes pins.  Then I hung my own little version of a clothes line with cute baby clothes.  And, Mary got to keep all of the goodies as a gift. ;)  

 OK, a few things going on here.  On the back window, there is another ribbon line of baby pictures (of Mary and Jeremy) pinned up with clothes pins.  So cute!  This was my favorite part!  I wish I had a better pic to show you!  It was so great. 
The table we decorated simply with a brown piece of fabric, green moss and candles.  Not too many flowers at this shower, kind of a nice change.
Now for the star of the show.  A homemade mobile I made with my Cricut machine (provocraft) using all coordinating cardstock colors from paper-source.  They are all little nursery rhyme images!  Another gift for Baby too! 

  All of these presents were from me!  (haha, not really.)  Pretty picture though.

Dang!  I really wish I had a better picture of the cupcake table too!  All of these incredible miniature cupcakes were made by Anne Larsen (Mary's mom) and Suzi Olson (Mary's sister.)  They were soooo delicious!  I don't have a picture, but the food!  The food was so delicious! A real luncheon served to us on real plates! No Costco platters here. These ladies are top notch. We ate of real plates, with real silver forks and drank out of actual wine glasses!!  Hahaha! I laugh about it, but I honestly have never been to a shower that didn't use plastic.  FABULOUS touch.  I'll put my name on their invitation anytime! 
Best of all, the shower was such a wonderful occasion.  Every lady there had something wonderful to share about Mary.  Such good energy and love from all of the amazing women in her life.  I was happy to be apart of it!  Oh, and none of those silly games.  Another FABULOUS touch.

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