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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Can Almost Do It All By Myself! iPhone App

This is a little Children's book I illustrated recently. My good friend Seth Casden wrote it.  It's an iPhone app, so it can be all yours for $1.99.  It's produced by iStorytime.  Soooo cute, right?!  The only super lame thing is the narration.  Seth and I thought they would have used an actual child's voice, which would have been great!  But, alas, they used a women pretending to be a kid.  So disappointing :(  Oh well, the illustrations look good!  Haha!

This is the story about me, Mikey. I can do everything by myself- almost.

I can get out of bed by myself.
I can go to the bathroom by myself.
I can get dressed by myself.
I tie my own shoes.
I make my own breakfast.
I run and play by myself.
But there are still lots of things I need my family to help me with!
My sister flies my kite with me.
We go camping together.
My mom takes me to the market to go shopping.
My brother reads to me at night.
You know, it's not always important to do everything by myself.  I love to have my family teach me all of the fun stuff.
But I still dream by myself.

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