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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rolled Magazine Bracelets - Eco Craft!

These bracelets are fabulous!  A great way to re-use old magazines too ;).  My sister-in-law Serene gave me a bracelet like this for Christmas, and I gave it my own twist.  So the idea is not exactly mine.  You know, crafts are just like recipes.   We all just remake the same old Lasagna over and over, adding our own "special ingredients" and then calling it our own.  So here you go:  MY version of this Lasagna.

You need:
3/4" wide strips of old magazines, 1/2 the page length.
Small cardboard tubes (If you know where to find these, pleeeeease let me know!) or small cocktail straws, or regular straws.  (I used pink ones in the pearl bracelet)
Mod Podge
Stretchy string (not the exact name)
Hex nuts, an old pearl necklace, old beads, bamboo, or whatever you want to make it YOUR Lasagna.

Here's what you do:
Cut the straws a little bigger than 3/4".  Take one of your magazine strips and cover both sides with a generous coating of Mod Podge.
Working quickly (the stuff dries in mega speed) roll the magazine strip over your straw, and smooth out with your fingers. Let dry, and apply one more coat of Mod Podge with your fingers.
Make yourself a whole little collection of magazine beads and trim the ends of the straws with scissors so they are neat.
Once they are dry (follow drying time on Mod Podge bottle) take one looooong strip of stretchy string and thread a bead through, placing it in the middle of the string.
Bead another bead (I alternated with hex nuts/pearls) onto each end of the string.
Then, take another magazine bead and cross the two ends in the inside of the bead so you don't see the cross.  Basically, one end of the string goes in one hole, and the other end goes in the other.  the two will cross.  Repeat until you get the size you want.  Keep the strings tight, but not pulled too tightly.  You want it to stretch when it's done. 
Finish by tying the two ends together and then pushing the knot down into a bead so you don't see it.
Very important!!!  Make sure to keep ypur composure when all of your friends oooohhh and aaawwweeee over your fabulous bracelet! You might as well just make up a bunch of them to give as gifts, because they are ALL going to want one :)


  1. You know, crafts are just like recipes. We all just remake the same old Lasagna over and over, adding our own "special ingredients" and then calling it our own. So here you go: MY version of this Lasagna

    I really like what you said here!

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