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Friday, March 19, 2010

Hex Nut Necklace

I love combining opposite elements.  This necklace is made with Steel Hex Nuts and Satin Ribbon. You can't get more opposite than steel and satin, now can you? I really like how the light reflects off of the edges of the hex nuts, and the surface of the satin ribbon.  The whole piece just works.   I love wandering the isles of Home Depot looking for unusual mediums to work with.  Designing with off the wall stuff is oh so fun!  I do it all the time, as you will see, if you keep up on my posts.  :)

This necklace is so, so easy.  You need:
(70) Size 6-32 steel hex nuts.
Satin ribbon
Needle and thread
A necklace clasp  
Two 1/4" rings.  I made mine out of wire.

Thread 40 hex nuts onto your ribbon bolt.  Leave about 12" of ribbon on the end, and begin tying a knot between each nut, starting with the last nut you threaded.  Repeat with 30 hex nuts for the shorter strand.  Then tie the ends together at the last hex and hold it up to your neck to adjust the size. Loop the ribbon around your rings, and sew near the ring with needle and thread.  I ran mine through my sewing machine, but I think it would be easier by hand.  Trim ends and attach your clasp.  You can also add a couple of inches of chain so you can adjust the size.  A good idea if you're giving it as a gift.


  1. Really cute Jessica! I wanna make one!

  2. Gorgeous. I love the idea.